About the DeLand Natural Market

The DeLand Natural Market is a thriving community destination for local and regional farms to market their fruits and vegetables and one of the largest selection of health foods and natural products in Florida.

In addition to a large selection of natural produce, bulk foods, groceries, home cleaning and pet products, we also carry all-natural toiletries, beauty products, essential oils, and more. We also ship products locally and nationwide. If you’re looking for some delicious hot soup, salads, a hot buffet bar, all natural wraps, smoothies and more, then be sure to come by our in-store cafe.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority here at DeLand Natural Market. We welcome you into our friendly and cozy store to find  that special ingredient or entree to complete your perfect shopping trip.

The History of The DeLand Bakery and DeLand Natural Market

The history and vision of DeLand Bakery & Natural Market is a typical American story beginning when Pablo Hernandez emigrated from his native Puerto Rico to Upper New York State. He originally started baking breads and other baked goods using a unique grain called Millet grain that was inherently Gluten-Free, yet didn’t taste like cardboard.

In 1990, Pablo and his wife relocated to DeLand, Florida and opened a little cafe-bakery.  One of his devoted clients donated a small mill that he used to prepare the Millet grains, and this was the beginning of the original organic products he also promoted & distributed to area health food stores under the DeLand Bakery name.

In 1997, once the customer base was established, at age 76 and wanting to retire, Mr. Hernandez decided to sell the business to Alfredo Avila, a carpenter, craftsman, and local entrepreneur.

Mr. Avila had been working as a cabinet maker for ten years, and although it was a difficult transition from cabinet making to bread baking, Mr. Avila embraced the challenges and soon learned to make the baking recipes, and even improved on them.

In 1998, his brother and sister in-law Walter & Ilia joined the team in charge of order fulfillment, shipping, dispatching, invoicing, etc… Four months later Mr. Victor Rivera, a mentor and father figure to Alfredo, became a key person in the development of DeLand Bakery & Natural Market. Two years later in 2000, it had nearly tripled sales and had grown to five employees.

In 2001, the DeLand Bakery clients began demanding other health products, and together they built a natural food store that featured unique and great tasting natural & organic products and services; which was a great success. Without a marketing plan, the business grew by word of mouth and the increase in sales created the need for further expansion.

Growth is usually in increments, but Alfredo knew he had the right products, the right staff, and a faithful clientele, so he went “All In” and expanded to over 10 times the previous store space growing from 1,300 sq ft to almost 15,000 sq ft of selling space, and added a Deli & Beverage Bar that features delicious organic & gluten-free wraps, salads & hot meals-by-the-pound, as well as organic lattes, espressos, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices.

In January of 2009, Victor Rivera passed away leaving behind a legacy that Alfredo and his entire staff has continued to improve on, and expand to honor his dedication and work ethic with the pride of all those that knew him.

Today, with the help of their knowledgeable and supportive staff, DeLand Bakery & Natural Market continues to expand their products and services, and develop a richer local community presence.

It’s a great story… so come watch us grow.