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A locally owned, natural food market & cafe offering Gluten-Free & Organic Foods as well as Local & Regional Grown Produce
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In addition to a large selection of natural produce, bulk foods, groceries, home cleaning and pet products, we also carry all-natural toiletries, beauty products, essential oils, and more. We also ship products locally and nationwide. If you're looking for some delicious hot soup, salads, a hot buffet bar, all natural wraps, smoothies and more, then be sure to come by our in-store cafe.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority here at DeLand Natural Market. We welcome you into our friendly and cozy store to find that special ingredient or entree to complete your perfect shopping trip.

We provide our local students, athletes, visiting thrill-seekers and health conscious families an alternative choice to your average grocery store by offering a wider range of specialized foods and natural supplements.
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Sorenda is a Certified Holistic Therapist. She has been in the Wellness Industry for over 20 years. Her education foundations are in Herbology, Plant Based Nutrition, Live Cell Morphology and Emotional wellbeing. She utilized all of the key components to assist the body, mind and spirit back into balance. Service include, Detox Therapy, Emotional Detox, Supplement Coupling, Plant Based Nutritional Support and Natural Beauty & Anti-Aging.

Sorenda Sierra
Vitamins, Supplements & Beauty Department Manager

Dr. Samalot's passion lies in aiding the Body's Natural ability to heal. Currently his team is offering the following types of care: Functional Medicine (weight loss clinic, energy dysfunction, blood sugar regulation), Chiropractic Care (low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, chronic joint pain), Live Blood Cell Microscopy & Biological Terrain Analysis (acid / alkaline balance, energy disfunction, stress symptoms).

Dr. Leonardo Samalot, DC