DeLand Bakery & Natural Market
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DeLand Natural Market has some of the freshest organic produce from both local and international farmers, and is always clearly labeled so you know where it’s coming from and that you’re getting the best possible value. Because we know you want the widest selection of produce possible, we also carry some non-organic produce to condense your shopping trips.

To ensure that our produce is up to par, our staff regularly mists our greens, like lettuce and kale, to maintain their luster.

Organic tomatoes, avocados, root vegetables and fresh fruits are damage-checked and rotated daily. We’ll even introduce you to new vegetable varieties you never knew existed.

Local Produce from DeLand

Much of our produce is grown on a sustained agriculture farm. Although not "certified organic", it is grown following USDA organic standards, only without the bureaucracy. These local farmers use only organically approved fertilizers, pesticides or disease control products to grow crops, and never grow genetically altered or chemically treated seeds.

Did you know?

Local Produce

We could go and on about fruits and veggies...but let’s not tread on any nutritionists’ territory that's what the other side of the store is for! Our fresh organic produce is always at a competitive price, and if you check out our weekly in-store fliers or our Store Savings Page, you'll find even more great deals! Follow us on Facebook for exclusive offers.