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Pet Products
Pet Products

Pet ProductsPets are family and because you love your pet, you want to give him or her a healthy, happy life. The pet products out today won't help you achieve this goal, but DeLand Natural Market has everything you need to give your pet what they deserve.

We have more deals on natural and organic pet products than you can shake a stick at. From premium organic-certified, grain-free cat and dog foods to products that can meet a pet’s special diet needs.

We are as serious about your pets’ diet as you are.

We have a variety of alternative weight management food solutions, including a yeast-and-garlic powder that you sprinkle in your pet’s food (also available in wafers) to nourish and strengthen naturally, with protein and the essential B-Complex vitamins.

We also have alternative medicine for your favorite four-legged friends that include remedies for fear, anger, jealousy, and depression.

Rescue Remedy® is great for your pets thunderstorm woes or flying jitters. We also have a gentle ear cleaning solution formulated with only premium botanicals, which can relieve symptoms of yeast infections, excessive wax build up, ear odor, and allergies.

Speaking of stink, we carry various shampoos made from coconuts, and canine soap bars made from Neem and essential oils.

Out for a night on the town? Grab your pooch or kitty an herbal-scented collar. Don’t be surprised if your pet brings home some friends!

Contact us for a pet product request or Stop By the market and check out the awesome selection we have going on.