DeLand Bakery & Natural Market
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groceriesWhatever groceries you shop for, DeLand Natural Market is likely to carry all the staples of most shopping trips—the essentials plus everything you need to make entire meals.

Pick up a tasty, healthy addition to your meal plan today! 

We have a number of different pastas made from various alternative flours, like quinoa pasta and whole-wheat pasta, among others. Partner those pastas with our garden vegetable, mushroom or marinara sauces, already prepared. Just heat and serve!

Is kneading dough your favorite pastime? Make a fruitcake for the holidays that your loved ones will actually eat, or win over that special someone with a pancake they’ll always remember.

We have an assortment of crackers and chips made from sweet potatoes, lentils and root vegetables. Don’t forget to pick up some dip, too. From the mild peach and mango to the more adventurous jalapeño-cilantro and spicy black bean, our dip selection will have your taste buds screaming for more.

Looking for something more refined than chips and dip? We have that, too. Exotic fruits and veggies, as well as organic produce and spices from around the world. We have a variety of healthy fish products to chose from, like sardines packed in oil, Alaskan pink salmon and tuna in oil, flavored with garlic and olives. Yum!

There’s so much at DeLand Natural Market,  you have to come see for yourself.

Our wide selection of organic and local food products is sure to complete your family’s grocery list. Visit Us Today!