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Frozen Health Foods
Frozen Foods

Due to our crazy lives, so much of what we eat today is frozen. DeLand Natural Market offers healthy alternatives to your average frozen dinner and ensures that our array of frozen products is of the highest quality.

Just because you only have less than 30 minutes to prepare a meal doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy one!

Frozen FoodsWe have a huge selection of frozen breads, English muffins, bagels, and more, including a completely gluten-free section. We also have a large stock of frozen Kosher-certified products. What night wouldn’t be complete without a pizza? We have an aisle’s worth of frozen pizza brands that will quell even your hungriest pizza craving. Many of the brands are also available gluten-free and dairy free varieties.

A Bounty of Frozen Health Food

We try to have something for everyone, from our 100% natural, organic, additive- and hormone-free frozen meats, to chicken nuggets, seafood and more. We also offer a diverse selection of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.

If you’re into smoothies, try our frozen berry packs, which you simply add into yogurt, milk or ice cream.

DeLand Natural Market also has many flavors of scrumptious ice cream made from cow’s milk, coconuts, almonds, or rice. We have frozen fruits to go with that ice cream, too: Cranberries, black cherries and wild berries just to name a few.

So come in and stock up on some tasty and easy-to-prepare frozen goodies! Never been here? View Our Map.