DeLand Bakery & Natural Market

We carry plenty of nourishing beverages to keep you hydrated, including enhanced options for the healthiest beverage of all…


It’s simple. Water is the fuel of life. Since our bodies are roughly 70% water, we need the right amount each day for our system to function properly. Water dissolves minerals and nutrients for your body to absorb and eliminates toxins from your body. You literally can’t live without it. Lucky for you, DeLand Natural Market carries a wide variety of drinking water—some enhanced with minerals and electrolytes to give you that extra boost (without any unhealthy additives).

Juices and other Beverages


As amazing as water is, it lacks one important quality—flavor.
We carry an array of natural juices, coconut waters, flavored waters, sodas, teas, coffees, energy drinks, and super drinks. Our juices never have added sugar, but you don’t need it with natural (and organic) options for sweetness-in-a-bottle.

Coconut water is one of the latest health food trends. Don’t like the taste of coconut? That’s cool; we have coconut waters that don’t taste like coconuts! Flavored drink fans rejoice in our selection of libations.

For those who like to live in the fast lane but need a bit of help to keep up, we have a huge selection of fair trade, sustainably sourced Coffee as well as natural energy drinks that won’t make you crash or get the jitters.

Kombucha Heaven
Organic and raw drinks aren’t only for the hardcore hydrators and health gurus. Try a flavor from our energizing, detoxifying selection of kombucha beverages, like Chia Kombucha® with intense new flavors Cherry and Raspberry. Drink up!

Looking for a spot of Tea? Check out our wide selection of herbal teas.